How to Create a DigitalOcean droplet for your wordpress blog

Its easy to create an account on a shared hosting and host your website on the same. But all way its nice to have your own server on cloud with an exclusive ip address for your website.

Creating a digital ocean droplet and hosting your website is an easy task it happens with a few clicks.

First of all you can create an account on digital ocean and login with the credentials.
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host name for DigitalOcean droplet for your wordpress blog

First of all enter the hostname for droplet which is basically the domain name for your droplet.
I prefer you prefer to go with the fully qualified domain name thats also fine.

Next is to choose a droplet according to your usage. While creating a droplet select the droplet type, you have a bunch of options there from a $5 instance to a $80 Instance. For a simple wordpress blog i recommend to go with a $10 instance. You can have a $5 instance as well but in that case you cannot install wordpress directly from an image on a single click. You may have to manually install LAMP and wordpress on the instance. For information on that you can check our article on LAMP and wordpress installation on digitalocean droplet. If you intend to transfer a high traffic website i recommend to go with a powerful instance.
Select the type of droplet you need to start with after that you have to select a location of your instance. Its always good to have an instance close to your geographical locations to reduce the transfer latencies across the networks to give a high speed delivery of contents to visitors. If you are not sure about the selection then Better go with NYC or Amsterdam Data Centers.

datacenter location selection for digital ocean droplet

You can configure additional settings below if you need it. i would always recommed to set the SSH key for a secure access to your server. You can get a tutorial on how to configure SSH KEY for digital ocean droplet here

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 8.46.55 am

You are done. Your server will be up and running in 10 minutes.

In billing section you can add your credit card details for future payments.
You can use this link to get a $10 Free Credit in your account. So if you are using the $5 droplet then you can have 2 months free operation.


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How to choose a domain name

How to choose a domain name

How to choose a domain name?  The first question in your mind when you are creating a website. Whether it is a blog or a business website a domain name plays a crucial role in keeping your brand in customer minds. The queries can be whether its should be a small one or a long one, whether it should be related to the niche or location. When i was building this same blog i was also having a lot of questions in mind, so i thought this article should be the first post on this blog and continue this as a series for each one who wish to start blogging, wish to create a website for your business. I hope by the end of this article you should have probably decided your domain name.

This article will be a QA model which i guess covers the very common queries a beginner has. If you have more queries please leave a comment i will answer up there.

Domain name length?

Technically a domain name length doesn’t matter at all. Above all the major difference is long domains are difficult to remember, a shorter one tends to be more memorable.I wont say long domain names are bad. On Choosing a long domain name we should admit the ease of error in manually  typing the domain name is always high. If you are building a business website where customer often comes back to your website, lets say an e-commerce business or a carwash business i would always suggest to go with a nice and simple name.

for eg in my case i wanted to write about technology, blogging, so obviously my options were


Some of the drafted domain names was already taken so i had the above choice. Comparing the options i had i was really interested to go with as its easy, simple and rememberable. But on the final moment that domain got registered by someone else and finally i had to add “the” to form

We talked about choices lets now see how to get these choices.

How to get domain name suggestions?

There are three different approaches to this i feel. Some will have a clue of how their domain name should be or will have a few ideas regarding the name, niche brainstorm around that. While some others will have no idea about the same fresh to start. lets deal these separately. Third is group of people where they business name and want something related to it or even the same.

Oh yes i have an idea of what it should be ? then

In my case i had an idea and i was sure that am going to write about blogging, digital marketing, gadgets and of-course as a developer something about coding as well. I found that all these come under technology and to be simple tech. so now i have a word “tech”. the simple and best pair word to bind it would be blog, news etc. Then using these words i have searched in about 4-5 domain name recommendation engines ( links below this section ) to see the possible options, synonyms and variations. From one of these i got the word “talks”. Joining the word “Talks” simply conveys my reader that am talking about tech here.

Oh no i don’t have an idea of the name? then

For this i would suggest you to open up the browser and search for the top websites in your niche and see how they have named it after going through a few you will definitely have an idea of how the domain name should look like. Also you will get an idea of some add on”words” to make it a perfect domain name. Some of the popular add-on words are “buzz”,”news”,”feed”,”blog”,”tips”,”world” etc.

I want my Business Name as my domain?

Yeah !, thats a good idea. Keeping your domain name close to your business name is very common practice and its easy to remember as well. If your business has much to do with online presence and name is too long or difficult to remember i would suggest to go with something easily recallable or something very close to your business. For eg: lets say my business name is “ALONGNAME Carpet Cleaning Services LLP ” and my business is a local business for bangalore. The best option i suggest will be keep your domain local and close to your niche “” even though its long its easily recallable, moreover when it comes to digital marketing for your business, each of the search engine crawler will have an idea of your niche and when you have the relevant content on your website obviously you have a chance to rank higher. We will talk more about influence of keywords in domain for search engine ranking in my upcoming post.

I have a domain name its unavailable? what to do now

I have discussed this in the above section. I have fixed the domain “” and was ready to go with it. But last moment ( after a day ) i have found that its with a domain broker and asking for a huge sum. I couldn’t afford that ( Am not that rich  😉 ). The work around for similar situations is try out the plurals, or add adjectives to form a better name. You can see an awesome feature at where you can form a bunch of domain names with addition of adjectives, replacing with synonyms etc. In most of the cases i have got satisfying domain names very similar to the wished one. If you are still not satisfied, do it all again from the previous step.

Extensions ? .com, .org, .net, .online, .me Oh god am confused!.

Am a fan of .com domains :-). But for local business its good to move on with regional TLD’s as well. But If you are building a big brand i would suggest to get other popular domain names as well as a part of brand protection. Never mind if you are building a blog or a local / regional business.

Specifically each domain TLD’s has its own purpose. like

.com is primarily for commercial enterprises, but open to anyone
.org for  Non-profit organizations
.net for Internet service providers
.info for informational websites
.mobi for websites that works on mobile devices.

For personal blogs its not bad to get a .me or .online etc . It wont matter much.

Where to buy a domain name?

You can buy a domain name from any of the Domain Registrars. Always choose form the top providers list. Buying a domain name from a provider doesn’t mean that you have to stick on to the same provider for life. You can transfer  your domain to the provider of your choice whenever you wish. You can also utilise some of the coupons for domain purchase from leading websites like Coupondunia or CouponRani. Popular domain name registrars are :

  1. GoDaddy
  2. BigRock
  3. NameCheap


I think by this you guys got a fair idea of choosing a domain name.

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Resources / Links

Domain Suggestion Websites – Read the complete article by Harsh Agrawal




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