Coworking spaces in Indira Nagar

Coworking spaces became so popular among startups in bangalore. Here is a curated list of affordable and feature rich coworking spaces in Indira nagar. In a Coworking space employees form different organizations and cofounders/employees of startup get together to work in a shared environment. A Coworking space reduces a huge overhead of individual office infrastructure. This method is so coeffective for a budding startup as it can use all facilities of a big office space like meeting room, workstations and facilities like printers/xerox etc on a shared basis without upfront investments. Unlike in a typical office environment, those coworking are usually not employed by the same organization.

  1. CommonDesk
    Common Desk, is a uniquely designed co-working space, where the basics have been kept strong. We have not tried to over do with our interiors nor we have underdone it. Unlike many others, we have ensured that there is more space per person, fast and continuous internet,fresh hand made tea/coffee on demand, open terrace cafeteria
  2. – Early bird offer
    We’ve created a special Early Bird Offer that rewards you for your commitment. It’s simple really, here’s how it works:Step 1: Book your spot with a refundable prebooking deposit of INR 1000
    Step 2: Enjoy coworking with us and get 10% off on your first 6 months
    Step 3: Jump with Joy!
    Drop down to InstaOffice, we have 2 centres one right at 100 Ft Road and the other on 12th Main Indiranagar! How much cooler than that can you get!

  4. Bhive
    Bhive is a great place with an amazing management team. They have also won a global competition of being the Koolest coworking space.
    Awfis is a co-working brand with spaces available across Bengaluru, including Indaranagar, MG Road, Kormangla and ORR. One can choose from flexible seats, fixed seats, private cabins and meeting rooms. Awfis spaces comprise of a very inspiring vibe and ideal opportunity to learn, explore & collaborate. Awfis members get an option to lease custom-sized multi-location workspaces on a flexible lease tenor ranging from an hour to 1 year (or more), depending on their work requirements.


Are you a new co-working space in Indiranagar? mail us at to get listed.


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