Google Chrome 54 is preparing for a RAM diet

google chrome 54 memory optimisation
google chrome memory optimisation

If you are a fan of google chrome, you would definitely have experienced the slow down on your pc after using chrome for along time with multiple tabs. Comparing early days of browsing its not just simple html delivered to your browser. But a bunch of dynamic data and client side actions which may  demand more and more from your computer.

Eating up memory was the major drawback heard from most of the customers ever since the launch. People have been loving this wonderful browser from its first use. The Google chromium team was working hard to eliminate this issue. They are now ready with a new update Google chrome 54 which can give same performance with 50% of RAM. The new update will cut its memory use by half while giving the same super fast performance.

Chromium team have built a new javascript engine to reduce the memory usage. Google’s Test engineers did optimisation test in popular websites like Twitter, Reddit, Imgur, The New York Times etc. The results were amazing for each of the tests it gave more that 50%  performance improvement.

This is going to help a lot of users who are using low end devices with less than 1GB of memory. High end systems with huge RA sizes may not feel the differences significantly. This is not an end, the Chromium team is doing further optimisations and expected to release more memory saving patches in future. The stable build for the new memory optimised chrome will go live on December 6th

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