Google Maps Goes Handsfree! OK Google!

This week google maps had a very silent update. Infact a very well needed update the handsfree feature. Now ‘Ok Google’ commands support google maps. Now the users dont have to click on the microphone button and say ok google. Instead they can say ‘ok google’ and navigate to a new destination or seek an alternative route.

Google also released a cheatsheet for the voice commands for navigation. Some of the highlights are:

“Show route overview” or “Show alternate routes”
“What road is this?”
“What’s my ETA?”
“Navigate home” or “Navigate to Starbucks”
“What’s the weather like?”
“Find gas stations”
“What’s the closest hotel?”
“Find restaurants”

In some of the android devices this feature is not enabled by default you have to open the menu then goto settings to enable voice commands on the Maps navigation.

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