How to Create a DigitalOcean droplet for your wordpress blog

Its easy to create an account on a shared hosting and host your website on the same. But all way its nice to have your own server on cloud with an exclusive ip address for your website.

Creating a digital ocean droplet and hosting your website is an easy task it happens with a few clicks.

First of all you can create an account on digital ocean and login with the credentials.
Use this link to get a free $10 CREDIT in your account


host name for DigitalOcean droplet for your wordpress blog

First of all enter the hostname for droplet which is basically the domain name for your droplet.
I prefer you prefer to go with the fully qualified domain name thats also fine.

Next is to choose a droplet according to your usage. While creating a droplet select the droplet type, you have a bunch of options there from a $5 instance to a $80 Instance. For a simple wordpress blog i recommend to go with a $10 instance. You can have a $5 instance as well but in that case you cannot install wordpress directly from an image on a single click. You may have to manually install LAMP and wordpress on the instance. For information on that you can check our article on LAMP and wordpress installation on digitalocean droplet. If you intend to transfer a high traffic website i recommend to go with a powerful instance.
Select the type of droplet you need to start with after that you have to select a location of your instance. Its always good to have an instance close to your geographical locations to reduce the transfer latencies across the networks to give a high speed delivery of contents to visitors. If you are not sure about the selection then Better go with NYC or Amsterdam Data Centers.

datacenter location selection for digital ocean droplet

You can configure additional settings below if you need it. i would always recommed to set the SSH key for a secure access to your server. You can get a tutorial on how to configure SSH KEY for digital ocean droplet here

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 8.46.55 am

You are done. Your server will be up and running in 10 minutes.

In billing section you can add your credit card details for future payments.
You can use this link to get a $10 Free Credit in your account. So if you are using the $5 droplet then you can have 2 months free operation.


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  1. Good to know how to use DigitalOcean to host wordpress website. Although the price of DigitalOcean is slightly more.

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