India Tops in Bug bounty winners from Facebook in 2016

Facebook paid $5M to Bug Bounty hunters in 5 years, India leads in payouts in 2016. Followed by US and Mexico. Facebook today completed five years of its Bug Bounty program.  Joey Tyson, a security engineer on the Facebook Bug Bounty team posted a note on facebook revealing statistics about the program.

In the post he said :

Launching and running a program of this size for five years is not easy — and we couldn’t have done it without the support of the broader security research community. In fact, we discovered many of the people now on our team through the community of researchers submitting reports.

Facebook Bug Bounty team received more than 9,000 reports and paid a total of $611,741 to 149 researchers in the first half of 2016. India tops the list of countries based on the number of payouts, followed by USA and Mexico.

The youngest hacker to receive a cash reward from Facebook was a 10-year-old Finnish boy. He received a USD 10,000 reward from Mark Zuckerberg for spotting a bug in Facebook-owned photo-sharing platform Instagram.

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