Samsung paying Note7 customers $100 to switch to another Galaxy smartphone

As an aftereffect of the Note 7 troubles, Samsung had initially offered $25 in addition to a device exchange. Now the users are switching from the brand itself because of the problems caused by Samsung Note 7. Keeping away from samsung , switching to other brands instead. Samsung have seen a fall in their smartphone sales in last one month. Company have come up with more favourable offers for their users to stick on to the brand.

Note 7 been discontinued forever , company have given offers upto $100 on exchange of Note7 with any other galaxy smartphone range. Note that the $100 announced is including the 25$ company initially announced for the recall. Though you have received the same you are entitled to receive the $75 bill discount on exchange.

To be clear, the $100 credit is in addition to a refund for the price difference between the Note 7 and other Samsung phones, as well as any respective accessories at the time of purchase.

The exact prices vary depending on where you bought your device, but given the Note7 retailed for about $900, the S7 Edge for $780 and the S7 for about $670, you could get quite a hefty sum of cash back for your troubles.

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